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Career as an accountant

Plans and provides systems and services relating to the financial dealings of enterprises and individuals, and advises on associated record-keeping and compliance requirements.

Tasks Include:

  • assists in the formulation of budgetary and accounting policies
  • prepares financial statements for presentation to boards of directors, management, shareholders, and statutory bodies

  • conducts financial investigations, undertakes audits, prepares reports, and advises on such matters as the purchase and sale of businesses, mergers, capital financing, suspected fraud, insolvency and taxation

  • examines operating costs and the income and expenditure of institutions

  • provides assurance about the accuracy of information contained in financial reports and their compliance with statutory requirements

  • provides financial and taxation advice on business structures, plans and operations
  • liaises with bankers and brokers to establish funds management arrangements

  • may advise on the selection and application of computer-based accounting systems and may appraise cash flow and financial risk of capital investment projects


  • Financial Analyst
  • Insolvency Practitioner
  • Taxation Agent
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