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Career in computer applications

Writes, tests and maintains computer programs to meet the application needs of end-users of computer systems.

Tasks Include:

  • Assists systems designers in researching and documenting computer users’ requirements

  • participates in writing specifications for computer systems and producing the components of computer programs.

  • analyses objectives and problems specified by systems designers
  • translates the formalised solutions
    provided by systems designers into detailed program specifications

  • prepares detailed logical designs to establish the order in which data is processed, points at which decisions must be made and the sequence of operations

  • writes programs as lists of instructions in computer languages or machine code, working from formalised representations of solutions

  • tests the validity and logic of programs and makes amendments

  • prepares reports, manuals and documentation on the status, operation and maintenance of system software for use by computer equipment suppliers, systems designers, programmers and computer operators
  • may analyse, review and rewrite programs and component modules of programs
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