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Career as an electronics engineer

Designs, develops, adapts, installs, tests and maintains electronic components, circuits and systems used for computer systems, communication systems and other industrial applications.

Tasks Include:

  • designs electronic components, circuits and systems used for computer, communication and control systems, and other industrial applications
  • designs software, especially embedded software, to be used within such systems

  • develops apparatus and procedures to test electronic components, circuits and systems

  • supervises installation and commissioning of computer, communications and control systems, and ensures proper control and protection methods

  • establishes and monitors performance and safety standards and procedures for operation, modification, maintenance and repair of such systems

  • designs communications bearers based on wired, optical fibre and wireless communications media

  • analyses communications traffic and level of service, and determines the type of installation, location, layout and transmission medium for communications systems

  • designs and develops signal processing algorithms and implements these through appropriate choice of hardware and software


  • Mechatronics Engineer
  • Radio Engineer


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