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Career as an interior designer

Plans and designs interiors for buildings, offices and homes, with consideration to layout, function, aesthetics and safety.

Tasks Include:

  • consults with clients to determine needs, preferences and expectations

  • analyses functional requirements, desired effect and purpose of the interior

  • sketches plans of areas showing arrangement of space, furniture and accessories
  • estimates costs and materials required and presents plans and quotes to clients for approval

  • selects or recommends purchases of decorative and functional materials and accessories such as furniture, lighting fixtures and paintings

  • directs workers engaged in on-site implementation of proposed scheme

  • uses computer-aided design systems as part of the design process and for consultation with clients

  • designs original furnishings and joinery to conform with proposed scheme

  • may work with architects in the preparation of plans

  • may design interiors for ships, aircraft or other transport vehicle
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