Designs buildings or advises on the procurement of buildings, provides concepts, plans, specifications and detailed drawings, and negotiates with builders.

Tasks Include:

  • obtains advice from clients or management to determine type, style and size of buildings or alterations
  • provides information regarding designs, materials and estimated building times
  • prepares project documentation, including sketches and scale drawings, and integrates structural, mechanical and aesthetic elements in final designs
  • writes specifications and contract documents for use by builders and calls tenders on behalf of clients
  • consults with a range of engineers and experts in the fields of environmental design
  • develops feasibility studies jointly with quantity surveyors and other workers
  • inspects and oversees construction work to ensure compliance with specifications
  • may specialise in the design of commercial, industrial, institutional, residential or recreational buildings or in conservation architecture
  • may supervise and coordinate the work of architectural associates
  • may use computer-assisted design software and equipment to prepare project designs and documentation


  • Conservation Architect
  • Heritage Architect

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