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Nearly one in four of Australian residents were born overseas, and Australia keeps welcoming people who will contribute to the future of the country and its people.

The diversity has enriched Australia significantly, ethnic languages such as Japanese, Italian, and Indonesian are being taught across schools, and many cultural festivals are celebrated nationwide.

If you are thinking about migrating to Australia, or even to come on a temporary basis, then Progress Study Consultancy is here to help you.

We provide frank & free assessment of your needs and chances, and if you are eligible to apply for the migration program, we will give you the best solution to achieve it.

We will guide you through the process, compile the required documentation, prepare the submission, provide translation service, submit the application, and then follow it through until a decision is made.

We liaise with the Australian Department of Immigration, and any agencies in relation to your application.

In general, there are two types of visas which allow someone to come to Australia;

Visas in Australia