No matter how much you love hanging out with friends, sometimes you want to spend time on your own. Whether it’s to study, to read, or just to relax, there are times when you want to do those things in places that you don’t usually visit. Although spending time alone seems like something that only lonely people do, it’s actually a much-needed thing that will allow you to just sit back and recharge yourself. If you’re a student in Sydney who wants to explore some places to relax, then these places are perfect for you.

Coogee Beach



Beaches are surely the most ideal place to have fun, but sometimes they can be way too crowded and cause you to miss the chance to relax. If you’re a fan of beaches, but want to spend your day at a quieter, more private place, then Coogee Beach is the answer! There are a lot of beautiful oceans pools and seaside parks with playground where you can lie down all day while reading and enjoying the spectacular view. You can also have a delicious lunch at  the Coogee’s Pavillion rooftop.

Mr. Mo

If you’re looking a quiet place to study, but afraid to miss out meals, then Mr. Mo can be your choice. Mo offers delicious breakfast, lunch and dinner, as well as a a wide range of coffee and wines. The atmosphere is incredibly relaxing, so you don’t need to worry about not being able to concentrate. If you’re looking for a more private surroundings, then you can stay indoor. But if you want to study or read while enjoying the sunlight, then you can always choose a table outside.

Milson Community Garden

Milson Community Garden is a place where you can find various flowers, herbs and seasonal vegetables. The garden officially opened in 2009 after some residents expressed their wish to have a community garden where everyone can gather and enjoy the view. The garden is suitable for those who want to read in peace. If you happen to love gardening, then you can volunteer and work at the garden as well.

Cremorne Point Walk

For those who like to enjoy quiet, short walk, Cremone Point Walk is definitely a spot you must visit. You’ll be able to “escape” the busy city life as you explore the quiet peninsula by doing the Cremorne Point Circuit walk that follows the beautiful foreshore of Cremorne Point. You can also enjoy the view while reading or having a picnic on your own or with your loved ones. Cremorne Point Walk is a perfect spot if you want to stay in the city without feeling like being in the city!

State Library of New South Wales

We can’t leave out the classic State Library of New South Wales when it comes to quiet and relaxing places. Being the oldest library in Australia, the state library owns over 2 million books as well as newspapers, maps, manuscripts, and other things. You can have a quiet read and study session without having to be worried about being disturbed. If  you need a break, the library offers  a free free one-hour history and heritage tours.  You can also explore The Shakespeare Room which contains a small collection of books by and about Shakespeare.


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