We ensure that students receive accurate and current information about educational institutions including campus location, facilities, entrance requirements, information about the courses and tuition fees.

Our education consultants come from a wide range of academic and commercial backgrounds. They are not only trained and experienced, but also familiar with the latest developments in Australian education which are invaluable to students who are interested in pursuing their education and dreams in Australia.

Here in Progress Study Consultancy, we can help with providing information on studying overseas and the process of organizing students’ studies. Whether the students are coming for a short-term study tour or for a longer full-time course of study, they will need a visa. Progress Study Consultancy has a good knowledge of the Australian education system, visas and life in Australia.

Progress Study Consultancy can arrange either a short study tour or long-term study for the students including their visa application. We ensure that students receive information about living in Australia, the local environment, cost of living and accommodation options. We also ensuring that the students are aware of the conditions of their student visa and ensure they comply with these conditions. Progress Study Consultancy always provides the best advice and guidance to any particular situation the students may deal with.

For International students who enrol their study through Progress Study Consultancy is entitled to receive Free Student Visa Services. We will help all your student visa applications until you obtain the qualifying visa to come to Australia

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