Designs, develops and supervises the manufacture, installation, operation and maintenance of equipment, machines and systems for the generation, distribution, utilisation and control of electric power.

Tasks Include:

  • plans and designs the manufacture and installation of electric power equipment and facilities;
  • determines the type and arrangement of circuits, transformers, circuit-breakers, transmission lines and other equipment;
  • develops products such as electric motors, components, equipment and appliances;
  • interprets specifications, drawings, standards and regulations relating to electric power equipment and use;
  • organises and manages resources used in the supply of electrical components, machines, appliances and equipment;
  • establishes delivery and installation schedules for machines, switchgear, cables and fittings;
  • supervises the operation and maintenance of power stations, transmission and distribution systems and industrial plants
  • may specialise in research in areas such as power generation and transmission systems, transformers, switchgear and electric motors, telemetry and control systems;

Specialisations: Electrical Design Engineer

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