Does Progress Study charge for providing services?

The initial counselling is free of charge. We also do not charge fees for student visa services. However, you may need to pay an agent fee if you have already enrolled into an education provider through another agent.

Can I work while study in Australia?

Yes. As an international student, a condition of your student visa is that you cannot work more than 40 hours per fortnight during semester time. There are job search resources for all students, so you should find out how they can help. Most of the work is in retail and hospitality, which offers more flexible hours.

Networking with other international students is a good way to let others know that you are looking for work so they can pass the message around. You can also check the ‘vacancies’ section in your local community newspapers and supermarket boards.

Many large companies list their vacancies on their websites or you can find a job in other websites such as, or

What visa should I apply with my qualification and what is the procedure?

To get a migration advice in regards to visa and your eligibility, please make an appointment to our Sydney office at +61 2 9267 8866, or email, to speak with one of our migration agents.

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