Architecture and Building

It focuses on the design, construction, fixing, retrofitting, adapting, conserving, efficient operation and maintenance of public, commercial, industrial and residential structures and landscapes. It includes the study of the art and science of designing and planning urban and regional environments. The theoretical content of this field of study includes:

  • Aesthetics and space dynamics
  • Building economics
  • Lighting
  • Building techniques and technologies
  • Construction management
  • Architectural design and drawing
  • Urban design / Town planning
  • Energy conservation and sustainability

The main purpose of this field of study is to develop an understanding of integrating structural and aesthetic elements in buildings and environments, and construction methods, techniques and materials.

Course Price

Certificate / Diploma / Advanced Diploma courses:
$7000 - $11500 / semester

Bachelor / Master degree:
$25000 - $45000 / year

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